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Houses of Worship

From system design to careful aesthetic considerations London Audio has established a strong reputation for service excellence amongst our many Church clients. We have supplied a wide cross section of products ranging from basic 'hands free' Sound systems to larg multi-channel sound & AV systems utilizing the latest cutting edge technology to achieve crystal clear sound and visual reproduction. Some of the services and products that we are able to provide which are vital in today's modern Houses of Worship include:

  • Self - contained PA systems
  • High powered Sound systems for large auditoriums
  • Delay systems and on-stage monitors
  • Large format mixing consoles and signal processors
  • Multiple wireless microphone systems
  • Hanging and fixed choir microphones
  • Front and rear projection screens
  • A wide range of professional projectors
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • AV mixers and cameras
  • CD and DVD duplication systems
  • Lecterns and lectern microphones
  • Colour coded speakers
  • Recorders and editing tools
  • Induction loop systems
  • Comprehensive on-going training
  • Stage lighting system
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Whatever your requirements, our design team will create an individual solution that is tailored to suit your venue, ensuring that you are able to deliver your message clearly and effectively.

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